Monday, December 30, 2013

Windows command line program for external (public) IP address

I spent couple of hours searching for windows command line program which can provide external IP address but except payable services there is no reaible tool for this. So I wrote my own - you can download it  here. Program is written in .net and can be also used as library or even compiled for mac or linux using mono. Although this is simple program it includes all options for reliable acquiring external IP address, because it not depends on single public site but many; use -? parameter for details.

You can use tool as you want, but if you like it then would be nice if you share this information and link to this page. Optional comments will encourage me for improvements also :-)

EDIT: code and executable is now available at


  1. Wow, I have been seraching for a tool like this. Works perfect so far.

  2. Of course It's working, It's a good application.
    BUT, when I'm using VPN or I'm connected to Kerio VPN, this application will return my Kerio Server IP (like all IP Check websites ) that It's not my True external IP.
    I can find my True IP using "ipconfig" command line.
    If you can correct this issue and apply it on your application to make it perfect.


  3. As someone sick of always hunting through pages of text from ipconfig, what about a version called ip4.exe that lists the ip address of each interface, as well as the external ip address. An ip6.exe could make a set, but I haven't needed that yet.

    thanks :)